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Let's Talk Coochies

Everything you need to know about reproductive health and how to heal from reproductive trauma

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Hey sis, well got damn!!  We have been through some Shit! 
Am I right? 
Now here we are feeling confused, broken, angry, and sad with a deep feeling of longing left in our bodies. One can only assume that it is not just you and I who feel this way but every woman who has gone through what we have gone through and nothing seems to ease the pain. 
The feeling of confusion wondering, “Why has my body turned against me, what did I do to bring this to me, and if there was anything I could have done to avoid this situation.”  And if you're anything like me, those questions and feelings continuously spun around in your mind and body every day while you went through your chemotherapy and radiation treatments. Now here we are with this new body that we barely recognize. 
A lot of us have been thrown into menopause so for sure we are all experiencing hot flashes that make us want to scream. Night sweats and perhaps even mood swings. 
There are some of us, who can no longer have children. If this was something that you wanted and was not able to achieve before cancer set in, now you may be having feelings of despair. There are women reading this, who were forced to have hysterectomies and now you mourn the loss of your womb. Perhaps the radiation has damaged your intestines so badly that irritable bowel syndrome is something struggle with right now. And perhaps when no one is around, you cry wishing that this had never happened to you. 
There are women reading this who are struggling with sex and intimacy. Women who are struggling with being touched because the whole cancer experience left you feeling violated. Perhaps you are one of the many women who struggle with being able to articulate these feelings to your partner so you continue to feel alone. I am sure that with all of these challenges it seems unbearable to move forward in this new body.
 Perhaps you are experiencing all of these feelings, some of them or none of them. But I know one thing for sure, if you have gone through a cancer journey in your reproductive system you’re life feels different.
 This platform, Let's Talk Coochies is your way back home. 
This was created for every woman like me, who has had a traumatic experience around the reproductive system and has been forced to suffer silently. But today that ends. 
Today we have a platform to speak, listen, cry, support, and communicate with other women who have gone through the same experiences, the same trauma, and the same pain that we have gone through. I tell women all the time, that the most important thing about this platform is that we are committed to moving forward through the bullshit and healing from our pain. 
We are not going to stay there because we deserve better.  Let's Talk Coochies' is all about healing. It's about strength. It's about having patience with our new bodies. It's about self-autonomy. But most importantly it's about doing every positive, fun, delightful, healthy thing we can to never find ourselves back in that chemotherapy chair again.
I welcome you, my beloved friend and sister of power to the beginning of the rest of your beautiful life. So are you ready? Let's do some healing and LET'S TALK COOCHIES!

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