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  • Available Online

    Sessions can be held over the phone or virtual via Zoom.

    1 hr

    150 US dollars
  • Available Online

    For women who are assigned female at birth, and are suffering from Rep...

    1 hr

    150 US dollars
  • Available Online

    One-on-One manifestation life coaching is for single moms only.

    1 hr

    150 US dollars

Change is the one constant in life, and as we navigate its twists and turns, we encounter various emotional challenges that can be difficult to process.

"I've just been diagnosed with cancer, and I'm feeling angry, hopeless, and confused." "I'm currently undergoing cancer treatments, and the pain and sickness are overwhelming." "I'm a cancer survivor, but I'm struggling to adjust to life after being so close to death."

Emotions are like waves that ripple through our beings, sometimes overwhelming us when faced alone. The Emotional Care Session is designed precisely for this purpose — to help you navigate and process all your emotions, whether they be good, bad, or indifferent. Even feeling numb is a natural response. We're here to remind you that you're not alone in what you feel.

Survivor's remorse is a genuine emotion experienced by many cancer survivors, often kept hidden from loved ones to spare them pain. However, your feelings are valid and deserve acknowledgment. The Emotional Care Session provides a safe space tailored to your needs. We're here for you.

Schedule your session today and take a step towards a brighter tomorrow.

When you endure reproductive trauma, it leaves both physical and emotional scars. It's normal to feel a range of emotions, including feelings of sexual violation. You might experience rage, embarrassment, confusion, or even numbness. Crying frequently after surgery is common, and carrying on with daily activities can feel incredibly challenging. These reactions are entirely normal, yet unexpected, much like the experiences of many women in similar situations. Unfortunately, when these concerns are raised with oncologists, they may offer antidepressants or seem indifferent, compounding the sense of isolation and distress. This session was created to address these gaps in support.

Because you matter, and you are not disposable. Your body and your feelings hold significance. Your healing journey is important to us, and it matters to your loved ones. Despite feeling like no one comprehends your ordeal, rest assured, we do.

Through this program, you'll be matched with a reproductive trauma specialist who will guide you through mental, physical, spiritual, and emotional healing. Schedule your appointment today and take a step towards a brighter tomorrow.

A manifestation coach can assist you with various aspects of your life, ranging from stress management to breathing techniques. During your Manifestation Life Coach session, you'll focus on uncovering your heart's deepest desires and manifesting them into reality. Just as you created people from your body, you have the ability to create your dream life. Through this session, you'll acquire tools, techniques, and practices to integrate into your daily routine. Perhaps most importantly, you'll learn how to cease the pursuit of wealth and instead, center yourself, focus, and align your energy. Before you realize it, everything you've ever desired will begin to materialize as if it was tailor-made for you.

The power of manifesting is inherently yours. Schedule your session today and let's embark on this journey to make magic happen.

Emotional Care Session

Reproductive Care Session

Manifestation Mommy
(For Single Mom's)

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