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We all want to eat healthy, but sometimes understanding what program is right for you can be daunting. You may ask yourself, “Should I be a vegan? Should I do Keto? Should I eat meat sometimes for the protein?” 

Trying to figure out what is the best way to eat can be so confusing. But here in Maha’s Living Kitchen”, all of your frustration will be laid to rest. Here in Maha’s Living Kitchen, we will work together so you fully understand how to begin healing your body after Chemo and Radiation. We will go shopping together for ingredients to make sure you are purchasing the right thing. No More wasting time and money! We will cook together, LIVE! I will be with you every step of the way while you create super healthy, yummy foods that will begin to heal your cells. 

Maha’s Living Kitchen’s LIVE Cooking Parties are what you’ve been looking for. The program is fun and simple to understand. We will discuss the “Dirty Dozen,” the “Clean 15,” and how to eradicate carcinogens with the right types of food. After everything you have been through, wouldn’t you love to have autonomy over your body once again? We as cancer survivors have different health needs that other nutritionists may not understand. Not only are we working to reverse the effects that chemotherapy and radiation had on our bodies, but we also want to gain our weight back in the healthiest way possible. 

I am here to help. Your monthly subscription comes fully packed with everything you need to start healing today. Some might think “Well, I’m not really a good cook!” No need to worry about that because the “Do-it-yourself” recipes are simple and fun. Not to mention, if you have a question about your meal, Mahatara ( your food healing instructor ) is there for you with a personalized Q&A. Plus, you will have access to a live forum of supporters and friends who are excited and looking forward to cooking and healing with you.

All this and so much more starting at just $55 a month. 

You’ve already said YES to life. Now say YES to your healing. 

Get started today by picking your favorite monthly subscription plan below! 


The Process

Easy and Hassle Free

Wondering how Maha’s Living Kitchen works?
It’s really simple!! Just pick the plan that works best for you. Each monthly subscription plan comes with a lot of fantastic options. Now, that you have decided, head on over to check out. There is no contract to sign and for your convenience, each monthly subscription is recurring until you cancel it. Once you have paid for your Maha’s Living Kitchen monthly subscription, the fun can truly begin. Depending on your selected monthly plan, you will receive a free starter spice kit with your Better Life Package. You will also be able to schedule your monthly Live virtual cooking class. Passcodes, recipes, and links will be sent to your email. Do not share these with anyone else. But please feel free to invite your family and loved ones to enjoy the LIVE cooking parties. I’m so excited to meet you!!!

All plans and services are non-refundable and non-exchangeable. Monthly subscriptions are recurring until canceled. There is no cancellation fee. Prices are subject to change. So lock in your special rate today. If you miss your  Better Life one-on-one virtual cooking class, you will lose your slot and have to wait until the following month. Sessions Do Not roll over into the next month. So please make sure you are on time and able to make each session. You are responsible for your own allergy modifications. Maha’s Living Kitchen is designed specifically for Cancer patients over the age of 18 who have undergone Chemotherapy and/or Radiation, and have finished treatment. Maha’s Living Kitchen is not for patients who are currently undergoing daily cancer treatments. We are sending you love, and are excited for you to come back and join us once you have finished all treatments recommended to you by your health care professional.  While studies have shown that eating healthy, exercise, and lifestyle changes lowers your risk of cancer returning, we do not claim to diagnose or treat anyone. But if you decide to take this journey with us, life could become a rainbow in the sky.


Maha's Living Kitchen Monthly Subscription Plans

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$55.00 a month

Self Care Package

  1. Every month you get 10% off the total purchase of products*

  2. Access to group forum support*

  3. Weekly Supermarket tutorial session (every Monday)*

  4. Unlimited Access to Step by Step Cooking tutorials*

  5. Easy delicious do-it-yourself recipes, including desserts*

  6. Personalized Q&A*

  7. Every 2 months a chance to win "My New Life" gift basket*  ( value $50)

$129 a month

Better Life Package

  1. ~*Once a month Live cooking class with our chef*~ 

  2. Every month you get 10% off the total purchase of products*

  3. Access to group forum support*

  4. Weekly Supermarket tutorial session (every Monday)*

  5. Unlimited access to step by step cooking tutorials*

  6. Easy delicious do-it-yourself recipes, including desserts*

  7. Personalized Q&A*

  8. Every 2 months a chance to win a "My New Life" gift basket*     (value $100)

  9. A special "welcome" gift that will be mailed to your home*

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