Who Is She?


Mahatara is a rare jewel and a true Renaissance woman. 
Her resilience is remarkable! Her ability to self-transcend is
astonishing, and with a plethora of natural-born skills in her pocket, she is a force to be reckoned with.  
Mahatara is a chef, world traveler, and a single mother of three. She and her young daughters have traveled to more than fifteen countries together because she believes, "That it is important for single mothers and their children to make life beautiful together." Mahatara is a published author, and a stage 3 cancer survivor. She is the Founder & President of Holistic Safe Space Inc, a non-profit she started to help women who have suffered the trauma of reproductive cancer; heal in the most holistic way possible.
After going through her own cancer journey and seeing such a limited amount of resources for new remission patients, she started Maha's Living Kitchen to help the public understand that food is medicine. This program is designed to be fun, simple, and delectable. Her slogan, "Who knew life in remission could be so delicious!"
 Behind her ethereal smile, Mahatara has experienced her fair share of heartache and loss. Somehow she manages to lick her wounds, delicately pick up the pieces, and move forward. Her ability to self-repair is astounding. She has gone through hell and back and still chooses to wear God's smile while extending her hand to help others. 
 Mahatara's life is a miracle and we are beyond grateful that she made the choice to stay here on this planet and bless the world with her celestial presence.