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About the Artist

Mahatara is a rare gem, embodying the essence of a true Renaissance woman.
Her resilience is nothing short of remarkable. Her capacity for self-transcendence is astonishing, and armed with a multitude of innate talents, she stands as a formidable force.
A singer, songwriter, musician, world traveler, manifestation life coach, and single mother of three, Mahatara wears many hats. She's also a published author and a stage 3 cancer survivor, specializing in aiding women in healing from reproductive trauma due to gynecologic cancer. As the President & Founder of Holistic Safe Space Inc., a nonprofit she established, she provides holistic support for women overcoming the trauma of reproductive cancer.
Throughout her cancer journey, Mahatara discovered the transformative healing potential of sound vibration and frequency. Witnessing her live performances is akin to embarking on a cosmic journey of healing, enveloped in an ethereal sound bath of pure light and love energy.
Behind Mahatara's radiant smile lies a tapestry woven with threads of heartache and loss. Yet, she persistently tends to her wounds, delicately piecing together the fragments of her heart, and propelling herself forward. Her remarkable ability to self-mend is a testament to her resilience. She has gone through hell and back and still chooses to wear God's smile while extending her hand to help others.
Mahatara's existence is nothing short of miraculous, and we are profoundly grateful for her decision to continuously grace this planet with her celestial presence.

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Fire in the moon

"Fire in the Moon" transcends mere literature; it is an odyssey! A voyage into the boundless expanse of possibilities where your mind shall ascend to newfound levels of enlightenment. Within the pages of this book, readers encounter a captivating mosaic interwoven with strands of passion, magic, intimacy, and charm. This book unveils the tale of a young woman's pursuit of inner tranquility, profound self-affection, and unwavering conviction. So, recline and immerse yourself in the Intimate Diaries of Maha-tara.

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